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The Different Types of Tilapia Farms

Tilapia is growing in popularity as a seafood fish by the day, as is the practice of breeding and growing them on Tilapia Farms.  There are however, many different ways to go about this.

In farming tilapia, you will have the ability to choose among the different types of tilapia farms. If you are not that knowledgeable about this, then you are reading the appropriate article for you. You can always acquire added information through the use of internet or a good Tilapia Farming Guide.

Tilapia farming will be easy as long as you know all the concepts and ideas behind farming tilapia. Aside from the fact that you really need to be knowledgeable enough on the ways on how to breed and take care tilapia farming 300x225 The Different Types of Tilapia Farmsof tilapia, you should not forget to consider their home.

In reality, there are two main types of tilapia farms which are the extensive aquaculture and the intensive aquaculture.

Extensive aquaculture is a type of tilapia farm which usually in a controlled area such as pond. The pond is maintained by the owner by pouring appropriate amount of water to it. The owner who is in the field of tilapia farming can feed the tilapia with food pellets or organic fertilizers. This is appropriate for those tilapia farmers want to control over the bunch of tilapia.

On the other hand, intensive aquaculture is less controllable and the tilapia are fed naturally. Tilapia farmers who are in this type of tilapia farms usually create their own cages by putting up huge nets to divide their tilapias from others. Because it is less controlled, there is a tendency wherein the tilapia can escape though with the huge net. This is also advantageous to some tilapia farmers since they don’t have to feed the tilapia. The place will naturally feed them.

You can always choose among these tilapia farms according to your needs and accessibilities. As of now, many prefer extensive aquaculture since you can put it up at your own backyard. Always remember that you should consider first everything before choosing the right tilapia farm for you by consulting a proper Tilapia Farming Guide and doing your homework first.

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